Thursday, May 21, 2009

We ♥ Our Customers!

Some of The Cupcake Cottage Customers

Gracie's invitation to a Christmas 'Wrap' party!

Brandy and Brandon are busy with an
amazing photography business, Bellapop!

Jeff snapped this sweet pic of the lovely Jen while at the shop.
some of what keeps these two'll be impressed!

Monstrosity Foto Co., High School Caesar, Jen's Myspace

Christmas Greetings!

One of the best parts of owning and operating this little shop of cupcakes is meeting the amazing customers that walk through our door. Whether they appear on a Forbes 500 list, or work two or three jobs in order to provide for their family, there’s one thing all our customers have in common: they crave and appreciate quality!
Our customers recognize the effort that goes into our baked-from-scratch cupcakes, no matter who they are or where they are from.

We have gotten to know so many people over our counter, and they have gotten to know us.
We get updates at Christmas time from some, invitations to gatherings, and even announcements of recent births. We learn of less joyful moments such as the loss of a loved one, or an unexpected diagnosis of a difficult illness. We have customers that keep us informed of marathons they are running, vacations they are taking and businesses they are starting.

We even have a customer that started a Facebook Group, called For the Love of The Cupcake Cottage, after discovering our little shop a few months ago. That was very flattering! If you are on Facebook be sure to look it up. I took a peek at it once while my daughter was logged on to her Facebook and was impressed that there were about 25 members!
I'm afraid time doesn't allow for networking via Facebook, Twitter or Text Message, maybe someday.
For now, we will continue to meet and greet our customers the old fashion way: over the counter!

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Bella Pop Photography said...

how sweet you have all our little kitties and doggie on the blog. guess what? we're coming to the cottage tomorrow! should be around 10:00 - 10:30 so we'll get to see you :)

I'm so excited for my cupcakes!!! and maybe a cupcake t-shirt!!