Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bella Pop

One of the greatest blessings that has come from having this little cupcake shop is the privilege of meeting some really fun, sweet, and fascinating people. So many of you stumbled into our little bungalow to check out the cupcakes, and with each return visit you have become an 'over-the-counter-friend'.

One such friend is a bubbly soul named Brandy Frank. Brandy is one of many Parker County visitors that, if our sweet treat is on her gotta-get list, will make a point to call ahead to have us hold cupcakes for her. Though Brandy is one of many of our familiar customers, she has kindly trusted us with her little dream of becoming a professional photographer.

It’s apparent that many of Brandy’s friends and loved ones have supported and nurtured her toward this gorgeous venture. Such paths are impressive and encouraging to fellow entrepreneurs.
I encourage you to check out her website Bella Pop and learn a little more about her business. Also, I strongly recommend that you read past posts from her blog, Daily Pop, to learn more about her photography, family, special photo shoots, and even an upcoming Halloween gathering called Boo Bash! Most likely, you too will find something you love about Brandy and her Bella ways!