Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zebra Bug!

Cupcakes + Zebra Bugs = Smiles!
The Cupcake Cottage customer may find his or her way to our shop when out walking or biking, but most likely they make their way to pick up cupcakes in a vehicle. This summer when a customer came to pick up her order of babycakes we suggested that she park up front so we could help load the pink boxes in her car.
When she pulled up I couldn't help but grab my camera and ask if I could get some pics of her zebra-bug. Is this not the coolest paint job? It was a gift from her husband. =) I told her that I was surprised I had not seen her 'zippin' around Fort Worth, but she explained that she lived about 45 minutes south of the city. Yes, cupcake fans come from all over for our cuppies and we're glad for that!
Next time your heading south on I-35 keep your eyes peeled for this festive little car. It's bound to make you smile!