Saturday, August 16, 2008

Freckled Pink - fabricards

Last year, when we celebrated our first year of being open, I received a wonderful congratulation card from my brother, Joe, and his wife, Linda. The card had a sweet cupcake with a single candle on it, and 'congratulations!' written below it. It was perfectly sweet!
As I held the card and looked a little closer, I quickly realized that this card was a true labor of love. Not only had the pretty argyle-patterned paper been sewn onto this blank card and envelope, but the cupcake and congratulations had been carefully stitched on as well! What a gorgeous, tiny treasure!

This would be my introduction to the creator of this, and so many wonderful, works of art. I got in touch with Tori, of Freckled Pink, as soon as time allowed. She and I met and discussed the possibility of having cupcake cards available for our customers. Our 'Hey Cupcake' fabricards have been well received!

For those of you looking for more fabulous custom-monogramming gifts from Freckled Pink visit: