Friday, June 26, 2009

Papas - Blueberries and Peaches!

Earlier this week Elias's mom gave us this picture
with this sweet message:
"We love your cupcakes! Thanks for making them." ~Papa & Elias
That was our 'icing on the cake'! =)

It is always a treat when customers put The Cupcake Cottage on their list of 'places to take visitors' here in Fort Worth. Such was the case with 'Papa' when his darling grandson, Elias, brought him in for cupcakes. It seems this little guy speaks very highly of The Cupcake Cottage in his phone calls to Papa, who lives in Connecticut. I think Elias was thrilled to show the grands one of his favorite places! We are always thrilled to meet friends and family. =)

With summer comes many out-of-town visitors, and the season for Parker County Peaches and Fresh Blueberries! We introduced these flavors last summer and they are back for a couple of months. Keep an eye out for them on the Flavors page on our website. They are both refreshing and yummy!