Thursday, December 1, 2011

December will be...

Kate Bush
It's December again! This month brings so much to mind but one of the first things that sneaks into my head is Kate Bush! If you are not familiar with this English singer-songwriter and all around interesting entertainer, than here is a little introduction.

Many of you may know that Juaquin and I began our marriage in, of all places, England. Our first three years together were an adventure that I hope to never forget! With his meager wages as an airman basic in the US Air Force and a trickling of income from me substitute teaching that first year, we learned to embrace the British television experience and loved it! We were wild about East Enders, Top of the Pops, One Man and His Dog, Antiques Roadshow and a host of BBC sitcoms and shows. There were three channels way on back in 1984, and they still 'signed off' before midnight with an instrumental of "God Save The Queen" sneaking a message to you, that "it's late and you need to get to bed now." Loved it!

So, SO much more I could go on about that experience, but I'll force myself back to December and Kate Bush. I first heard December Will Be Magic Again on the Edge of Christmas CD. A wonderful mix of great stuff...go get it...or download it...or whatever it is you kids are doing these days to gather music. =)

It's a fun song and the range of her voice is amazing. More amazing, and slightly curious, is her interpretation of the song in her video. I use to be able to find it on YouTube, but it's been banned, so I went another route. Check it out and embrace December...again!