Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey Cupcake!

Welcome to a simple blog that’s been spinning in my head for the past year. Just when I manage to gather a moment of time to get these entries going, I find myself diverted and on to one thing or another, forcing me to push thoughts aside. It is time to declutter and get these thoughts posted!

After being open for nearly two years we have enjoyed meeting some wonderful people here in our shop. I’m guessing that you may just be one of them! So many of you have entered our little venture wondering what, exactly, were we all about. Once you discovered and embraced our cupcakes you made your way back, and we've been thrilled to see you again…and again! Others have found themselves in cupcake ‘quest-mode’ with hopes of finding us open after discovering us sold-out or closed on previous visits. The perseverance of each of you is deeply appreciated, and incredibly impressive!

For each of you, I simply want to offer snippets of people, places and things that may interest you. These Sweet Mentions are simply that…mentions!

Happy Reading! =)