Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Creative Customers

It is always exciting to hear from customers that have shared our cupcakes with family and friends. Our cupcakes are part of all sorts of celebrations and gatherings, and that makes us smile! We thought these might make you smile, too!
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Our 'baby' cakes are frequent participants at baby
showers and sip-n-sees!

Moms can get pretty creative when it comes to graduation celebrations!Flags with messages and pictures add a personal touch to the cupcake.

Above is Crissa, and she visits our shop now and then with her grandmother.When Crissa declared "Let's play Cupcake Cottage" with her play-doh set, I'm guessing she surprised her family with some pretty impressive skills. The piping on her 'cupcakes' look amazing!
Thanks Kathy and Nancy for emailing such sweetness. =)