Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Taste is in the Cake

It's not unusual for customers to come back to our shop and tell us that they loved our flavored frosting. Actually, we do not flavor our buttercream with any additional extracts other than the vanilla that is a must with tradtional buttercream. When you bite into one of our cupcakes the flavor you taste is in the cake!

A good example of this is with our strawberry cupcake (as seen above). When we mix our strawberry cake we take fresh strawberries (never,ever-EVER frozen), and puree them before they go into the batter. Lemon is another great example of this process. The lemon you taste is from freshly zested lemons, freshly squeezed juice from the same, slightly naked-from-zesting, lemons and a hint of pure lemon oil.
The time, energy and focus that goes into this slow bake process is what sets a 'baked from scratch' product apart from a more common mass produced good.

We simply refuse to cut corners when it comes to taste!