Thursday, November 3, 2011

Harvest Moon!

I can't seem to stop thinking about 'harvest moons'. There is certainly a proper definition for harvest moon, but I just seem to immediately conjure up an image of a big fat, orange, yellow or white moon hanging in the sky during the early evening or morning. Leave it to my thoughtful husband to find just the right song to accompany my mood or thought. He's done this ever since we met in 1983 and with harvest moons on my mind Juaquin brought Neil Young's Harvest Moon to my attention!

I have seen my share of fabulous full moons on my way in to bake here at the shop, but it's those 'harvest moons' that make me wish I had an equipped camera ready to capture it. Maybe one day.

I think things like full moons, shooting stars, and even loud, flashy thunderstorms have a calming and peaceful effect on me because they are timeless and amazing experiences that are bigger than me. Such things are little reminders that there is something greater and bigger than me and I love believing, dare I say, knowing that. Oh there's a lot of 'in-between-the-lines-of-faith' details I'm not posting here, but you're always welcome to ask.

The wonder and acceptance of something greater and bigger than yourself is another timeless event you either get or don't get. It's something you may eventually get or perhaps never embrace. Regardless, here's wishing you sprinkles of harvest moons!