Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charming Charms!

Here's a sweet little something for all you cupcake fans!

A couple of years ago while visiting C.C.'s Touch of Nature on West Vickery, I noticed a little shop across the street called Chiffoniers. If you haven't been to either of these wonderful shops, I would highly recommend that you visit both. It was at Chiffoniers that I discovered tiny works of art cleverly created into charms by a local artist.

As we began to get our shop up and running, I found myself thinking how fun it would be to have cupcake themed charms in our bakery as a gift item. Thousands of cupcakes and about 18 months later, I decided to track down and get in touch with Shawnell Williams, the maker of these wee treasures, to see what she thought about the idea.

I quickly learned that this jewelry maker was as sweet and cheerful as her charms! We discussed some ideas, and emailed back and forth as we tweaked it all. The cupcake charms were an instant hit! They're worn as necklaces, put on key chains and even attached to purses and totes. They are the perfect 'no calorie' gift for someone keen on cupcakes!

To see more of Shawnell's gorgeous creations visit: http://www.honeypiejewels.com/