Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Charming" Cupcakes!

When customers are planning for a special event and have a specific cupcake vision in mind, we are happy to consider any and all ideas. We may not always be able to create what a customer wants, but 99.9 % of the time we are able to meet the need.

Such was the case last week. We were asked to have our cupcakes used instead of a layered cake for a sweet tradition. I was somewhat familiar with the tradition of charms being placed between layers of wedding cake, but I needed to do a little research for specifics and here's what I learned:
The "cake pull" practice dates back to the Victorian era and has remained popular in the South. Basically, a satin ribbon is tied to each sterling silver charm which is placed, never baked, in between layers of a cake. In our case, we simply placed the charms on the cupcake and carefully piped buttercream over it. The result was absolute bliss!

In case your interested, the charms were from JMcKinley: http://www.jmckinley.com/