Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year brings a few New Flavors

The Cupcake Cottage has some new flavors to add in this new year!

Chai (pronounced Ch + a long i ~ as in tie) : The word chai actually means 'tea' in many parts of the world. Chai tea is a blend of black tea along with spices, and we add a bit of allspice and cardamom.

German Chocolate : Okay y'all, I'm stepping outside the German Chocolate tradition a wee bit here. Let's face it, the signature on German Chocolate is that amazing frosting that includes pecans and flaked coconut. We we will NOT be mixing that frosting. Rather, we will include the pecans and coconut in the traditional German chocolate cake batter and top this cupcake with our delicious buttercream, sprinkled with pecans and coconut!

Vanilla Chocolate Chip : A vanilla cake with semi-sweet chocolate chips sprinkled in the cake. This vanilla cake is different from our regular vanilla in that we use whole eggs and whole milk. Our regular vanilla cake calls for egg whites only, and buttermilk.

Keep an eye on our Flavors page for more new flavors as we introduce them...