Thursday, May 28, 2009

Messages and Deliveries

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We may not be a cake decorating company, but now and again, if we are able and time allows, we will take your idea and make it a reality!
Photo 1: A customer took last year's Fort Worth Magazine Best of 2008 and created a wedding anniverary destination date. She and her husband visited a Best of lunch spot, Best of walking spot and Best of Cupcake spot! The cupcake message was her sweet idea.
Photo 2: The initials S and N were for a couple's engagement party.
Photo 3: An Enchanted Florist fan wanted to wish them well in their new location on Camp Bowie Blvd.
Photo 4 & 5: A young man called from LA, California wanting to send something special to his mom as she became a United States of America citizen. We delivered this festive box of a dozen babycakes to Arlington. What a thoughtful son!
Photo 6: A call from the Bay Area, California asking us to do something special for a friend's birthday. Another delivery of cuppies!!
Photo 7: Our own son wanted to make that Prom invitation a little extra special and 'sweet'. She said yes! =)
We have made deliveries of cupcakes for customers that call from as far away as Canada, NYC, Pennsylvania, Washington, and California. Delivery rates begin at $20.00 and increase according to the Fort Worth - Dallas destination.
Special frosting costs begin at: $5.00 per standard & $ 2.00 per babycake.

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