Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Pioneer Woman

I am so impressed with the bloggers of our day. Not just those that blog but those that follow and keep up with their favorite blog sites. I really should seek a site titled "confessions of a bad blogger" since my ability to keep up is a D+ at best, and I need to know that there are others like me out there. I have lots of sites that I have bookmarked with great plans to visit them as soon as I finish other tasks at hand. Unfortunately, those tasks get in the way of returning to those sites, but I keep them bookmarked just in case.

There is one blog, The Pioneer Woman, that I try to peek at least once every couple of weeks. A friend, Cheryl, told me about this 'mom in Oklahoma' a couple of years ago. I am sure many of you are familiar with this blog and the amazing lady behind it. Ree Drummond is our modern day pioneer woman. I won't go into details about who she is, or what all she does, but I will tell you that she really knows how to entertain this reader!

A few weeks ago I stumbled onto a TPW post from October 2006. That date stood out to me because that was 1 month after opening the door to our shop, The Cupcake Cottage. This short post is sweet, sad, honest, and FUNNY! I now click the audio portion almost daily just to have my heart tugged by this fabulous mom/woman/daughter/wife/modern day Pioneer Woman! Here's the post for you to read: They Absolutely Hate Goodbyes Be sure to click on the audio clip. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

(and) What about you? Do you follow The Pioneer Woman, or other amazing and inspiring blog sites? Let us know!!

Read more about Ree Drummond here: Forbes Woman Q&A

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janet in ft worth said...

Sandra, I used to follow The Pioneer Woman faithfully, but found too many blogs to follow and couldn't keep up with them all. I even forget to look at the ones that are linked as my favorite blogs on my blog! Seems I'm better at keeping up with the ones that I've followed from Blogger that show up in my dashboard, but even those are hit or miss.

I did check out the PW post you mentioned. So funny!