Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coupon Palooza!!

Last month a customer asked if we ever plan on participating in Groupon. Here's the answer to that question.

About a year ago I started getting calls from sells reps wanting to tell us about a new avenue to 'get more customers to our store'. The first company to contact us was Groupon. Since then we have had many other such Groupon-like businesses contact us hoping we will join this new internet coupon craze.

The 'groupon' concept with daily deals is very impressive and offers great savings for customers looking to spend their money as carefully as possible. We are all about personal financial planning and think these are great ways to save more!

So why hasn't The Cupcake Cottage jumped on board this popular savings practice?

When one of these coupon salespeople ask , "tens of thousands of people will view your daily deal....don't you want that kind of exposure"?, we simply answer "gosh, no"!! As it is, we often sell out of hundreds of cupcakes each day we are open. We are pretty sure that we sell out because of the care and effort that goes into making each and every cupcake from scratch, each and every day! At least that's what repeat customers tell us.

As it is, we strive to price our cupcakes as low as possible while still making the profit needed to pay all the expenses of running a successful business. For this reason we do not participate in this popular coupon trend. Should that ever change, we'll let you know! =)


Brandon Frank said...

I'm glad you guys are not into the groupon stuff!

janet in ft worth said...

Makes perfect sense. Hand-crafted delights cannot be rushed. :)