Sunday, March 8, 2009

Radio Stations

I like the mornings! I have always been an early bird and, though baking for a living means waking earlier than ever before, I enjoy it.

I don't know if early morning would be quite as fun without WBAP. Growing up, I am certain that this was one of the stations my dad would have set on his car dial. It was probably a station I dreaded and thought 'old fashion'. I would have preferred he tune into Red Beard, or any station that offered what we now call 'classic rock', to information that makes me think.

These days the sound of Hal Jay, Amy Chodroff and Steve Lamb are welcomed. I just feel a little connected to the many other listeners that are making their way to work, or making their way home from work, while I gear up for lots of baking.

I especially love the visiting 'characters' that pop on the air for a less than 2 minute opinion on some current topic. There's, uhhhh the American Airline pilot, uhhhh Captain Steve Lightning, a feisty cowboy called Tug McCord, crusty-ole Andy Rooney, Mystic Chuck, Dr. Phil and a few more. I must be getting old because the silly reports these guys offer are actually funny to me!

If I make my way into bake before 5:00 a.m. I catch the Midnight Trucking Radio Network with Eric Harley and Gary McNamara. This is a nationally syndicated program and listeners from all over the U.S. call in to discuss current subjects. Great stuff!

On Saturday mornings I usually catch BBC world Services, People's Pharmacy and Weekend Edition on KERA . (and) Yes, I do like music. We tend to flip on JACK-FM when we want a break from talk radio.
Whatever station I'm tuned into the hum of the radio (and a rather loud refrigerator) are welcome guests while baking!

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