Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Cupcakes

December always seems to be the perfect month to reflect, prepare and consider. I won't go into detail about what all that means to me. Let's just say I have philosophical tendencies and this month always stirs 'em a little more than any other time of the year.

No matter your circumstance this December, we wish you Hope in all you do! Our constant hugging to Hope is the very thing that keeps us moving along with our little shop of cupcakes. We are deeply grateful for each and everyone of you that have been supportive and have found a cake stand, or covered container in your home for our tiny cakes.
We were pleasantly surprised to learn of our mention as "Best Cupcakes" (along with 2 other places) in this months Fort Worth, Texas Magazine. Thanks to each of you that voted for us! Such mentions keep us motivated and encouraged. We will be baking right up through December 24th!

Merry Christmas & Make it a wonderful December!

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